New Car Warranty

European Prestige Automotive give warranty on all our parts and labour also have formed and organised car servicing network based on passion, expertise and equipment levels for Mercedes Benz and BMW dealership manufacturer warranty requirements. Not only is your new car warranty on the line if log book service is not carried out but log books well maintained protect the resale value of what is commonly a consumers second biggest investment after their house. EPA was concerned with the publics incorrect perception that dealerships and franchise chains offered a higher standard of expertise and car repair services which is definitely not the case. Vehicle dealerships are known to overcharge and under deliver. EPA is a smaller and more specialised local service provider and owner-operated, technology driven and more accountable to the customer. Logbook car service and automotive repairs should not be taken lightly.

The following paragraph is from the Office of Fair Trading

Maintenance schedule, Vehicles under warranty Whether new or second-hand, your car or motor cycle should have come with a logbook or owners handbook that sets out when the vehicle should be serviced and what maintenance needs to be done. To keep your motor vehicle in top condition and to avoid the possibility of breakdown or expensive repairs in the future, you should follow the maintenance schedule. If the vehicle is still under warranty and you dont have it serviced to the manufacturers maintenance schedule, you may void your warranty. As long as the service is carried out in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, any licensed repairer can do it, not just the dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle.